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Invalid User Name

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.



When BackgroundDataExchanger, Notification Service, IIS, or Report Viewer are entered as the user name when signing into Cartegraph, the following message or a similar message displays:

"BackgroundDataExchanger is an invalid user name. Use a valid user name or ask your System Administrator for help."

Attempting to sign in with an ArcGIS identity may also display the same message if it is associated with a reserved user name.


Beginning with the Fall 2019 release, BackgroundDataExchanger, Notification Service, IIS, and Report Viewer are no longer valid user names. These user names were used to review import/export job logs for jobs started using one of these user names. On the Import/Export Job tab, select Automated Job to view related job logs.

To sign in with the ArcGIS identity, the ArcGIS identity must be added to a different user name. Complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Cartegraph with a user name that has Administration access.
  2. Select Administration-User Administration.
  3. Delete the user with the reserved user name.
  4. Edit an existing user or create a user and add the ArcGIS identity for the Esri user name.