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Cartegraph Campus

About List View

Records display in a list with headers.

The number of the records in the list displays in the bottom right corner of the list.

The number of selected records in the list displays in the bottom left corner of the list.


The list first displays by an administration sort.

  • To sort the lists by Selected Records
    • Click the Sort Selected Records button. iSort.png
    • All selected records display at the top of the list.
  • To sort the lists by Columns
    • Click on a column header.
    • The first click sets the list in ascending order.
    • The second click sets the list in descending order.
    • The third click removes the sort from the list.
    • Select another column to sort the list by multiple headers.
  • When both a selected record sort and a column sort is on the list, the selected sort is applied first.

Select from the List

The list has three selection states:

  • hover—the user hovers the mouse on the list item.
  • highlighted—the user clicks on the record with the mouse or arrows to with the keyboard.
  • selected—the record’s check box is selected.

Hover on a record in the list to see the Information and View buttons.

  • iSummary_sm.png displays only when there is information to view.
  • Click iSummary_sm.png to view a summary of the record’s detail.
  • Click iView.png to display the record’s detail.
  • Highlighted records become the current asset on the map if the record has a location.