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Cartegraph Campus

Create Export From List View

  1. From the list view, click 2018-04-17_0957.png.
  2. Select the desired columns from the list.
  3. Click column headers to resize, sort, or move columns as desired.
  4. Select what to export. Use one of these options:
    • Export the entire set of records.
    • Manually select records by clicking their check boxes.
    • Filter down to shrink the array of records. To filter down, select from the panel on the left side of the screen.
  5. Click Export.

To export a library list, select the library in Library Manager. and follow the steps described above. Administrator privileges are required to export from this page.

If you have one Asset selected, you can show or hide fields. However, if you have more than one Asset selected, the fields are selected by default, and your export file will be a multiple-export CSV file.

CSV files generated by an export that will be used for importing must use ANSI encoding.

The CSV file displays on the lower left corner of your screen. The file is saved to your Downloads folder by default, but you can change this to another folder.