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Cartegraph Courses: Esri Integration


The "Esri Integration" course is designed for individuals using GIS data in their day-to-day workflows. This course will help you see the power of having a GIS integration in your work management system.


The "Esri Integration" course introduces you to Cartegraph best practices related to the Esri Integration, and the supporting features and functions.


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With the "Esri Integration" course, you receive training on functionality related to:

  • Cartegraph OMS Esri integration configuration options
  • Geolocating
  • Esri ArcGIS Online integration
  • How to setup the server environment and make GIS situations
  • How to prepare your GIS data
  • How integration function works on a record-to-record basis
  • Normalization of data
  • Integration functionality for basemaps and features
  • Create Layers
  • Installation dates
  • How to perform analysis
  • Route optimization
  • Overall Esri integration requirements, considerations, and Cartegraph recommended best practices

What You Should Know

Attendees should have a basic understanding of Cartegraph capabilities.

What You’ll Learn

  • The value of the Cartegraph and Esri integration
  • Different ways to simplify your workflow
  • Esri Route Planning

Who Should Attend

  • Field workers
  • Supervisors
  • GIS professionals

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