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Cartegraph Courses: Request Management


The "Request Management" course is perfect if you field requests from the public or internal staff, or if you are responsible for managing and resolving requests.


The "Request Management" course introduces you to Cartegraph best practices related to request management and the supporting features and functions. After completing this course, you should feel comfortable entering, editing, and assigning requests. This course should also help you understand the importance of requests, and how they differ from tasks. 


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With the "Request Management" course, you'll receive training on functionality related to:

  • Requests
  • Requesters
  • Task Creation from Requests
  • Issue library, including settings such as Applies to Asset and Non-Location
  • Updating and searching the citizen library
  • Cartegraph recommended best practices for Request and Requester Management

What You Should Know

  • Attendees should have a basic understanding of Cartegraph capabilities.
  • You should be comfortable with the functionality covered in the "Introduction to Cartegraph" course.

What You’ll Learn

  • Cartegraph best practice recommendations
  • How to take a new Request
  • How to add a new Requester
  • Why Requester information matters
  • How to create Tasks from a Request
  • How to find a Request or Requests requiring attention
  • How the Issue library works and why it matters
  • Different request types, for example: internal, non-location

Who Should Attend

  • Supervisors
  • Directors
  • Administrative staff
  • Field professionals

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