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FEMA Data Collection and Reports

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)  helps federal, state, and local agencies prepare for response, recovery, and reimbursement of all hazards. Cartegraph has the structure in place to help your organization track work done to mitigate the disaster and determine how much money was spent.

  • The Equipment FEMA Rates library contains the latest FEMA Schedule of Equipment Rates.
  • Equipment records can be linked to an Equipment FEMA Rate via the Equipment FEMA Cost Code field.
  • Generation of FEMA rates for Equipment Records with a FEMA Cost Code
  • FEMA requires an Equipment operator when using equipment. Cartegraph has a default time sheet layout in Layout Manager Cartegraph Default FEMA. This layout has all the default time sheet fields plus the Operator field on the equipment log.
  • FEMA Reports to help gather and submit data on the Reports page:
  • Create an automation using the Require equipment operator when using a FEMA rate trigger to require the operator field on a FEMA task. When the automation is on if an Equipment Log has a FEMA Rate Code the Operator field is required and an error message displays if the field is empty. The automation needs to be turned on to be used.