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About Resource Entry

Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other resource entries are made from the Time sheet, where you can add, delete, and update resource entries.

  • Unlimited resource entries are allowed on the time sheet.
  • Resources must have valid rates to add resources entries.
  • If the organization is using the Advanced Resources extension, then Material Location is required when entering a stocked Material.
  • Each resource log date on a Task is populated from date selector from a time sheet.
  • Ability to distribute resources between multiple and similar Tasks.
  • The Task’s status changes from Planned to In Progress with the first Resource entry.
  • After saving resource entries on the time sheet, costs calculate and display on the Task or Tasks. If the Task or Tasks are associated to a Work Order, the cost displays on the Work Order too.
  • Entries must be between the Task’s Actual Start and Actual Stop dates.
  • The Actual Start Date and Actual Stop Date are inherited from the Task. If the Task does not have an Actual Start Date this field is auto-populated with the first log’s date. If the Actual Stop is blank it remains blank.
  • Entries for dates after today’s date are not allowed.