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Distribute Resources Example

Four laborers worked 8 hours, used 10 gallons of paint from the main warehouse, two paint sprayers for 8 hours, and one truck for 5 hours to paint five park pavilions. Five tasks that fall within the same Actual Start and Stop date range were completed: Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, Task 4, and Task 5. The four laborers are Chris, Pat, Kim, and Tracy, and they are part of the Paint Crew.

  1. On the Task List view, select Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, Task 4, and Task 5.
  2. Select Actions>Distribute Resources.
  3. In the Labor section, select Chris.
  4. Enter 8 for hours.
  5. Repeat these two steps for Pat, Kim, and Tracy.

You could select Paint Crew to add all four laborers at once.

  1. In the Equipment section, select the Truck.
  2. Enter 5 hours.
  3. Select one of the paint sprayers used.
  4. Enter 8 hours.
  5. Select the other paint sprayer used.
  6. Enter 8 hours.
  7. In the Material section, select Paint, select the Main Warehouse location and click Add.
  8. Enter 10 gallons.
  9. The distributed resources become:
  • Labor is 1.6 hours for each laborer on each task.
  • Equipment is 1.6 hours for each sprayer and 1 hour for the truck on each task.
  • Material is 2 gallons of paint from the main warehouse on each task.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Close.