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Enter Resources

  1. In the Navigation bar click iTimeSheetEnterResources_sm.png.
  2. Hover on the desired task and click Enter Resources.
  3. Select the date needed.
  4. In the Labor, Equipment, or Materials section, select the resource.

If the organization is using the Advanced Resources extension, then Material Location is required when entering the stocked Material. Click Add after the location is selected.

In the Other section, click Add.

In the Labor section click Add Assignments.

In the Labor, Equipment, or Materials section, click Add Previous. For material, a new detail line will be added for each unique material/location.

  1. Enter the details.

Create multiple resource entries with the same Task ID for different rates, hours, material location or usages.

  1. Click Save Changes.

Click Undo Changes to clear any changes made after saving.

Click View Task List to select another Task for resource entry.

  1. Click Close.

The changes are saved to the corresponding Resource log. Task and Work Order costs calculate.