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Start PCI Army Corps of Engineers Sample Inspection

PCI Inspection Army Corp of Engineers Samples can be generated for Pavement and Pavement Area asset types. The steps to start the inspection are the same for both asset types.

  1. Navigate to the Pavement or Pavement Area record and select the Inspection Task.
  2. In the Overview header, click Start Inspection.
  3. Enter the Inspection details.
  4. From the Condition Categories, click Start PCI Inspection.
  5. Click Generate army Corps of Engineers Samples.
  6. Use the Review Samples navigation scroll bar to select a pavement sample to perform the inspection.

Add an additional sample to proceed with the inspection.

  1. From the PCI Inspection view, select a Distress.
  2. Enter the size of the distress or the extent of the distress.
  3. Select the Distress Severity image.

If no distress was found select No Distresses Found radio button on the sample bar.

  1. Click Add Distress.

Add other distresses to the sample.

If the same distress with the same severity within the same sample is added, their total extent and size are added together.

  1. To perform another inspection for a different sample, repeat the previous steps.
  2. When all inspections are complete, click Done.

The PCI condition Category will reflect the inspection results.