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About PCI Pavement Samples

A pavement sample is a section of the pavement segment. A pavement segment is a contiguous pavement area with uniform construction, maintenance, usage history, and condition. A pavement segment can also have the same traffic volume and load intensity. The Length and Width of the pavement is stored in the Asset Detail. The unit of measure of the Length and Width is converted to feet or meters when size is represented in the PCI Pavement Sample. For example, miles or chains will be converted to feet, and kilometers will be converted to meters.

PCI pavement samples are part of a condition category inspection group. These pavement samples could have specific size ranges and broken down into many samples for one pavement. PCI pavement samples can be generated for Pavement and Pavement Area asset types.

When generating a pavement sample or samples to inspection choose from the following options: use pavement as a single sample; add previous samples, and Army Corps of Engineers.

Use Pavement as Single Sample

This is for a PCI inspection on the entire pavement segment as the sample.

Add Previous Samples

Perform an inspection on a pavement section with previously completed sample inspections. This option gives all of the same sample types inspected from the last sample inspection date.

Army Corps of Engineer

A sample unit of the pavement selected for inspection that is divided by the total pavement section. The inspection method is based on a visual survey of the number and types of distresses in a pavement section.