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Start Pavement Inspection

This set of instructions applies to those with an enterprise license. If you do not have an enterprise license, the PCI selection is replaced with Surface and Ride condition categories.

  1. On the asset record you want to inspect, create a task with the activity of Inspect.
  2. From the same asset record, go to the Tasks section.
  3. Click View for the Inspection you want to start.
  4. In the Overview header, click Start Inspection.
  5. Enter in the Inspection Details.
  6. Select the condition category for the inspection and select or enter the inspected value.
  7. If the PCI condition category is selected, it can be marked Not Inspected (NI) or if further inspection details are needed, click Start PCI Inspection.

PCI Inspections that have already been started, cannot be marked Not Inspected (NI).

  1. Enter notes or upload attachments specific to the Inspection.
  2. Click Save.

The saved inspection displays in the asset’s inspections section.