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Task Performance Measures Report

This report provides valuable information about your organization’s Tasks including:

  • Average time to complete tasks
  • Estimate accuracy
  • Most expensive activities and their costs
  • Departments that incur the most expenses

Use this report to review tasks performance during a specific time frame to assist in planning and budgeting for future work. For reference and follow-up purposes, the report also includes the Tasks that contributed to the totals.

The report displays:

  • The number of tasks completed in a selected date range, the average time duration to complete the task, and estimated tasking accuracy. The task status must be Completed or Canceled.
  • Estimated Accuracy. This is the difference between the estimated and actual duration.
  • The number of Late tasks. This is when the Actual Stop Date is after the Due Date. Tasks without Due Dates are not included in this total.
  • The most expensive departments. These include the total cost of all tasks Completed or Canceled within the date range for a specific department. The department activity costs are totaled then sorted by most to least expensive department.
  • The most expensive activities. These are the total cost of all Tasks Completed or Canceled within the date range. The activities are totaled then sorted by most to least expensive activity.
  • Total Tasks. These are the sum of the number of tasks.

Run this report from the Report view and you are prompted to select the date range of tasks to show.

Average Time To Complete a Task displays is in days and hours; the report calculates the number of hours per task following the rules below.

The following are considered in the Average Time to Cost:

  • Task Activity has information.
  • Actual Start and End Date must be within the Date Range selected.
  • Breaks and lunch hours are not removed.
  • Tasks must be Completed or Canceled.

The prompt for Tasks starting from and Tasks ending through means the Start Date Actual and Stop Date Actual must be within the prompted for dates.


If the prompted dates are 5/28/16 – 6/02/16

The following tasks are included:

  • 5/28/16 – 5/29/16
  • 5/30/16 - 6/1/16

The following tasks are not included:

  • 5/27/16 – 5/29/16
  • 5/29/16 – 6/3/16