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About Generate Route

This feature requires an ArcGIS identity.

You must have Generate Route Task Command Permissions to access this feature, and Create permissions for Task/Route.

Generating a Route for selected tasks defines an optimized order the tasks should be worked on, based on each task's location. Turn-by-turn directions are generated and include the provided start and stop locations along with the routed tasks.

The Route name must be unique or can be auto-numbered.

Before saving the Route, the Assignments of the selected tasks can be edited. At least one assignment must exist in order to save a Route.

Tasks can be included in a route if:

  • They are Open: Status of Planned or Status of In Progress.
  • They have a location on the map.

ArcGIS Online has a default Routing Service that is used by default. Generating a Route using the default service uses Esri Credits. See the Esri documentation for specifics.

If using a custom routing service, Esri credits are not used when Routing in Cartegraph. The custom service URL needs to be added in the organization's Utility Services settings. See Esri's documentation for assistance creating a custom routing service.

If you are using a custom service, the location must be within the boundaries of the service.

When a routed task is Completed or Canceled all routes for that task are removed. If this is the last open task in the Route.