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Cartegraph Campus

Add an Activity to the Activity Library

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This is most often done during software implementation, but activities may be added at any time.

  1. Click iAdministration_sm.png>Library Manager.
  2. Search for and select the Activities library.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Enter the Activity name.

Set Accident. This relates to VRR and whether a vehicle repair is not due to malfunction or breakdown. 

  1. Select the Applies To check box for each asset that needs to use the activity.

Select Inspect if you would like this activity to be considered an inspect type activity.

Select the Install, Replace, or  Retire check box as needed if you want key dates set when a task with activity is completed. This is not recommended for all activities. 

  1. Enter the unit cost and select a unit value.

This is associated with the Units Completed field in the Task Details section. This is used for work completed along a linear asset.
For example, if the activity is Jetting, you would enter how much of the pipe was jetted. You must set a value; you would enter 0 for the value. If you edit this, the change is made to all records with this Activity.

  1. If you have another activity, click Save. If not, click Finish.

When the changes are saved, the activity displays for the selected assets.