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About Projected Tasks

Projected Tasks can only be created, updated, or deleted by the system's Preventative Maintenance Plans.

Tasks Display

  • Projected Tasks are place holders for Tasks in the foreseeable future. For example, managers can use Projected tasks to plan for resource management and schedule labor.
  • Projected Tasks display along with Planned, In Progress, Completed, and Canceled Tasks on any Task list.
  • In a Task list, the View and Enter Resources buttons are removed for Projected Tasks, while a Summary and Convert Projected Task buttons are available.
  • In a Task list, if an Action menu item is selected when a Projected Task is selected in the list, an error displays.
  • Projected Tasks with Labor Assignments can be filtered on the Task list screen using the Assigned Labor, Advanced, or Guided Filters.
  • To hide Projected tasks on the Task list view, filter the layer by Status and exclude Projected.
  • To hide Projected tasks on a Task list in a Detail view, clear the Projected check box.
  • Projected Tasks have an Estimated Start Date in which Planned Tasks get created by the background process Cartegraph Preventative Maintenance Processor.
  • Users can also manually convert a Projected Task to a Planned Task. This process deletes the existing Projected Task and creates a Planned task.
  • Projected Tasks are not available on Cartegraph One or Cartegraph for iPad.

Projected and Open Tasks

  • Tasks associated to an asset display in the Related Work bar, at the bottom of the Task page.
  • This bar displays the Projected and Open Tasks count for that asset. However, the Task list displays projected, open, and closed tasks for that asset.
  • Open Tasks have a status of Planned or In Progress, while Closed Tasks have a status of Completed or Canceled.
  • Projected tasks have a status of Projected. The date recommended by the Preventative Maintenance trigger sets the Estimated Start Date.
  • Projected Tasks do not display in Work Orders until they are converted to live Tasks.
  • For example, a worker in the field is inspecting a Sign on Digital Drive and Hwy 151. He sees open tasks for this sign and completes them while at the location. He does not see Projected tasks.

The Related Work bar does not display at the bottom of the Task page if:

  • The Task is a Non-Asset task.
  • All tasks associated to the asset are closed.

Projected Tasks can be converted to open tasks from anywhere the projected tasks displays:

  • Asset Detail Task section
  • Task List screen
  • Mini-map tip
  • Summary tip
  • Task Calendar
  • Container Summary Task