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About Tasks

A task is a record of work. The task shows who worked on it, what resources are used, and when it took place.

Other details include:

  • Tasks can only be associated with one asset or equipment record.
  • Tasks without an asset association have an Asset Type of Non-Asset.
  • Create tasks from Home, Work, Assets, Resources, Requests, and Summary tips for selected records.
  • Tasks statuses are Projected, Planned, In Progress, Canceled, or Completed.

Task Details Shared With Asset and Equipment Records

  • The associated task roll-up costs over time display.
  • View the maintenance history including when the asset is installed, replaced, inspected, and maintained.
  • Track task history.
  • View the inspection history.

Activity List

  • Associate each Activity in the Activity library to any Asset Type, including Non-Asset.
  • An activity is required.
  • Only Activities related to the selected record display in the Activity field.

Task Date Behavior

Start Date

  • If the Start Date or Time is before today or now, the Actual Start Date is set.
  • If the Start Date or Time is after now or today, the Estimated Start Date is set.

Stop Date

  • If the Stop Date or Time is before today or now, the Actual Stop Date is set.
  • If the Stop Date or Time is after today or now, the Estimated Stop Date is set.

Status Behavior

  • The default Status is Planned.
  • Status of In Progress sets the Actual Start Date to Now.
  • Status of Completed sets the Actual Stop Date to Now.
  • Status of Canceled sets the Actual Stop Date to Now.
  • Status of Projected is only set by the Preventative Maintenance Plan, and the date recommended by the trigger sets the Estimated Start Date.
  • Date fields are overwritten when empty.
  • Dates update in real-time as you change the status.

Task History

Each asset has a Tasks section with the tasks entered for the current record. The fields vary for each asset, show and hide columns to view the information most important to you.

Estimated vs. Actual Costs

The chart breaks down the Estimated vs. Actual Cost for Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other logs as well as the Overall Cost associated with the task. Use the scroll bar at the top to limit the resource type costs shown in the chart. Click Show All to view all costs again. Hover on each resource type to see the estimated and actual costs for each resource type.  Click iChartMenu.png for more options:

  • Download a JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF
  • Save data as CSV or JSON
  • Annotate the chart by drawing on additional information.
  • Print the chart

Reopen a Task

Once a task is completed or canceled, it can be reopened to edit or enter additional information. If the Task is associated with a Work Order, the Work Order must have a status of Planned or In Progress. If the Task is associated with an asset, the key dates update. If the Task’s activity has an impact on the asset’s condition, the condition updates when the Task is completed.

When you reopen a task, you can add a key date that is empty, but if it already has a key date, you cannot change it to empty.