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Cartegraph Campus

Cannot Create Tasks

When creating tasks in Cartegraph OMS, you might see an error message similar to the following:

"1 of 1 tasks were not created.

Sign 1001:

The Department field requires a value. (Task)

If you continue to experience errors, ask your System Administrator for help."


In this example, a required field on the task that was being created for Sign 1001 did not have a value.

Quick Fix

Add the required field to the appropriate layouts in Layout Manager to enter a value. Then when creating the task, enter a value in that field. If the field should not be required, adjust the Value Required setting for the field in Structure Manager.

Other Reasons

There could be other reasons for an error message similar to this. The specific errors are listed and grouped by the asset that the task was being created for. Noted at the end of the specific error in parenthesis will be the record type that produced the error (Task, Assignment). Use the error message details to help troubleshoot the issue.