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Task Overview Header

The Tasks Overview Header displays information for the Task. Click the splitter to show or hide the overview header. Most fields update in real time while editing. Calculated fields update when you save the changes.

Fields Displayed:

  • Task ID
  • Activity
  • Asset
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Start Date
  • Stop Date
  • Complete Task
  • Enter Resources
  • Total Cost
  • Productivity:
    • The Cost per Unit is the Total cost divided by the amount listed in the Units Completed field.
    • In order for the Productivity calculation to run:
      • In the Activities library, the Unit must be set.
      • The Units Completed field is part of the Task Details.
      • Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other cost for the completed task is added with entered resources.
  • Labor Hours
  • Labor Cost
  • Equipment Cost
  • Material Cost
  • Other cost

If the Task is an Inspect activity, the Task Overview header also displays information about the inspection.

Inspection Fields Displayed:

  • Inspected By
  • Inspection Date
  • Inspection Status
  • OCI
  • Inspection Rating
  • Start/End Inspection

Notes on Selected Fields

  • Asset: Click the link or View to go to the associated asset. Click iSummary_sm.png to view the summary.
  • Complete Task: Click Complete task to change the task status to complete.
  • Enter Resources: Enter the resources button to add the resources used for the Task to calculate the cost of the work and update material inventories.
  • Total Cost: The total of Labor, Equipment, Material, and other costs. The amount is rounded up if is 0.5 or greater and rounded down if less than 0.5.