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About Work Orders

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at

  • A Work Order is a group of tasks.
  • Map symbol colors
    • On the List View, as you add Work Order layers, they are assigned a color. This is the color of the work order's map symbol in the layer.
    • On the Detail View, Tasks within the Work Order are assigned colors based on the Tasks' Status. This is the color of the map symbol for the Tasks.
  • As you add Work Order layers they are assigned a color. This is the color of the work order’s map symbol in the layer.
  • The total of work orders in each layer displays to the right of the layer name.
  • Work Order’s Start Date must be before the Stop Date.
  • To close a Work Order any associated Tasks must have a status of Completed or Canceled.
  • All associated Task dates must fall into the Work Order’s date range.
  • Work Orders with associated tasks cannot be deleted.

Work Order Detail View

  • Work Order Tasks: This is the list of the tasks associated with the work order and can be filtered by status, and the tasks can be edited.
  • Details: Here is where you can find the basic information about the work order based on the layout. The details could include, ID, dates, status, and notes.
  • Estimated vs Actual Costs: Displays a chart breaking down the Estimated vs. Actual Cost for Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other logs as well as the Overall Cost associated with all tasks associated with the Work Order. The Work Order Total Estimated resource values are a total of the estimated resource values for all tasks that are a part of the work order.  Click iChartMenu.png for more options:
    • Download a JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF
    • Save data as CSV or JSON
    • Annotate the chart by drawing on additional information.
    • Print the chart
  • Labor: Includes the labor count, total labor hours, total labor cost, list of labors assigned, and labor log.
  • Equipment: Includes equipment count, total cost, total tasks, per task cost, list of equipment used, and equipment log.
  • Materials: Includes material count, total cost, total tasks, the average per cost, list of materials used, and material log.
  • Other: Includes other count, total cost, total tasks, the average per cost, list of other items, and other log.
  • Attached Files: Any attached image, video, or text-type files.