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Cartegraph Menu of Services: Support Services

Both during your initial implementation of Cartegraph or throughout your journey, Cartegraph offers a variety of support services to help you make the most out of your solution as you continue to strive towards becoming a high-performance government entity.

System Configuration: Need to make an adjustment to the system to better fit your needs? Looking for an expert to make sure everything is set up correctly? Hire a Cartegraph professional to review your system and make any changes you need. Standard configuration packages are available for asset add-ons, automation configuration, custom notifications, and field calculations. Beyond these standard options, we can work with you to develop a tailored configuration package to fit your unique needs.

Report Configuration: Your Cartegraph data is incredibly valuable and needs to be shared.  Whether you need help navigating complex data relationships, have a specific format or layout need, or simply want Cartegraph to take the load off your administrator’s shoulders, our technical experts can design and build your reports for you.

Data Migration Support: The lifeblood of any software is its data. Whether you’re continuing starting your journey with Cartegraph and need to migrate historical data, or whether you’re simply upgrading, expanding your use, or consolidating systems, Cartegraph’s data experts can help migrate your existing data to Cartegraph, so you have seamless access to everything you need to capture, analyze, and plan for the future.

Integration: At Cartegraph, we offer more than an off-the-shelf Esri integration. Our technical teams frequently enable integrations with other third-party solutions like fuel management systems, 311 apps, financial solutions, utility billing systems, SCADA systems, and more. Ask us about our experience, and we can work with you to develop a tailored integration package to fit your unique needs.

GIS Data Review: Ensuring an organization’s GIS asset data is accurate, meets format and content standards, and has a data structure suitable for integration with Cartegraph eliminates frustration and unnecessary delays during the implementation. If, after reviewing technical documentation, you’re unsure that your Esri data meets Cartegraph requirements, be sure to ask about our GIS data review support service.

GIS Data Reviews are included in full-implementation packages, but they can also be selected independently to support your internal growth and expansion projects.

ArcGIS Online Configuration Support: Is your team new to ArcGIS Online? Or do you own it but aren’t quite sure you’re making the most out of it? Cartegraph’s GIS experts can help you set up and configure ArcGIS Online for use with Cartegraph.

Web Map Authoring: Cartegraph’s alignment with Esri enables seamless integration of data and maps. With beautifully designed web maps that include the proper context and reference data, your staff can streamline discovery, analysis, and decision-making capabilities as part of their day-to-day operations.

Collector for ArcGIS: Are you already using Collector for ArcGIS to collect asset inventory data? Do you have a need for high-accuracy collection best suited for Collector? Cartegraph’s GIS experts can help you set up and configure Collector for ArcGIS with Cartegraph, so data is seamlessly integrated with your operations management system.

Operations Dashboard: The most effective way to becoming a high-performing government agency is to articulate your goals, measure progress, and increase understanding of challenges and opportunities, so you can make adjustments. With Cartegraph’s integration to Esri’s Operations Dashboard, Cartegraph’s GIS experts can help you visualize your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time, so leaders can maintain a finger on the pulse of operations and make data-driven decisions to increase performance.

When you have questions, contact Cartegraph's Technical Support team.