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Menu of Services: Ongoing Engagement Services

Go-Live Support

Each implementation culminates with a Go-Live event where testing is over and the system goes live. Cartegraph provides a safety net during this important milestone. Our experts help with final hour reviews of workflow, refresher trainings, last-minute configurations, and any other support you may need to make your Go-Live event as smooth and successful as possible.

Go-Live Support is typically included in each full implementation package. It can also be selected independently to support your internal growth and expansion projects.

Integration Support

If you already have the technical resources and expertise to build your own integration, be sure to ask us about our integration support package. Our technical experts can help support your integration by reviewing your system architecture, making recommendations for the integration, providing some introductory code samples, and answering your technical API questions.


Orange Advantage

We all need a little extra help sometimes. More hands-on deck. Someone to pitch in and get the job done. That’s why we created the Orange Advantage program.  Whether you need to onboard new users, implement advanced features, configure reports, or get some additional best practice coaching, this program is for you.  Learn how extended support can make learning and using Cartegraph go smoothly.

With your subscription, you’ll save 20% off the annual cost of purchasing services individually and have continued access to your project team after go-live.

Here’s how it works:

  • You purchase the Orange Advantage package.
  • You have the option to add Orange Onsite visits.
  • When you need help, we’re there. It’s that simple.

Orange Advantage

All prices are annual fees.

  • Annual remote services include training, configuration, reports, automations, dashboards, consultation, imports, and more
    • Large: 96 hours—$16,200
    • Medium: 72 hours—$12200
    • Small: 36 hours—$6,100
  • Engagement with a dedicated team of Cartegraph experts—including your project manager, implementation specialist, and implementation support specialist

Orange Onsite Add-Ons

All prices are annual fees.

  • 2 days biannually: $12,200 with $4,800 estimated expenses billed as incurred
  • 3 days biannually: $14,800 with $5,600 estimated expenses billed as incurred
  • 2 days quarterly: $24,300 with $9,600 estimated expenses billed as incurred
  • 3 days quarterly: $29,600 with $11,200 estimated expenses billed as incurred

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