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Cartegraph Campus

Transitioning From Cartegraph 8 (Navigator) to Cartegraph Essentials

1. Easy to learn and easy to use

  • Intuitive interface optimized for desktop and mobile devices
  • Designed for everyone in your organization—from the managers in the office to the crew in the field
  • Customers who have migrated tell us their field crews were able to learn the mobile application within a matter of 1-2 days

2. Location-centric

  • Esri street basemap is embedded on nearly every page of the software, unlocking spatial data for enhanced decision-making
  • Assets and tasks display on the map
  • Edit asset geometry on the map

3. Improved mobile work management with Cartegraph One

  • Mobile application enables you to see your assigned work and complete those tasks
  • As the field crew completes tasks, the office crew will see the updates in real-time. As the office crew assigns tasks, the field crew will see the tasks added to their list – streamlining communication and eliminating unnecessary phone calls
  • Update asset information in the field while standing next to that asset - create assets, update asset details, complete inspections, schedule upcoming work

4. Quick-reference data and clear reporting

  • Visual data is available on the dashboard and throughout the software
  • New data presentation replaces many Navigator reports; the numbers are available at a glance
  • Utilize standard reports with charts, or quickly pull together the list of data you need and export it with one click

5. Secure, reliable, web-based technology

  • Persistence technology saves settings for optimal user experience
  • Cartegraph hosts the data for you
  • Software is built to adapt to demands of modern technology