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Cartegraph Engage Features

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Create Customized In-App Training

TAKE THE NEXT STEP IN YOUR HIGH-PERFORMANCE JOURNEY. With Cartegraph Engage, you can streamline onboarding, eliminate learning curves, boost engagement, and deliver training directly in Cartegraph OMS.

BUILD YOUR OWN CONTENT Create guides and support materials to empower your team. From tutorials and tooltips to surveys and videos, share customized content in employees’ daily workflows—right when they need it most.

OPTIMIZE TRAINING Your field crews, office staff, and supervisors all have unique needs. Deliver relevant content based on specific roles and requirements, and build an archive to prevent knowledge loss across your organization.

MEASURE ENGAGEMENT Our powerful analytic tools help you track user adoption, efficiency, and effectiveness. Understand how your team uses Cartegraph every day and identify areas where they may need more training.

Empower Your Team Q & A

IS THERE A LIMIT TO HOW MUCH WE CAN CREATE? Nope. You can build as many guides as your team needs to work more effectively, efficiently, and productively.

WHAT KINDS OF DATA CAN WE TRACK? You can track tons of detailed information, including the total number of users, average daily time in the app, how many days a user is active, how many events or actions a user has performed, and more. With this data, you can analyze usage trends for users, crews, and departments.

CAN WE SEGMENT CONTENT FOR DIFFERENT USERS? Yes. You can deliver guides and view analytics based on specific user roles within your organization.

DO YOU PROVIDE CARTEGRAPH ENGAGE TRAINING? Of course! You’ll have access to our industry-leading support team. We’ll even help you build your first set of guides.

Save Time and Money

Cartegraph Engage eliminates resource-intensive training and support. By delivering self-service guides in employees’ daily workflows, your team learns to help themselves—giving supervisors and IT staff more time to move your organization forward.