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Cartegraph Campus

Cartegraph Product Life Cycle

Software at Cartegraph exists in three phases: Active, Maintenance, or Sunset. Different offerings and support are available depending on the phase of the software.


Software in the Active phase provides the newest versions and features available. It has the most comprehensive product offerings including third-party platform support, technical support, and integration requests.


Software in the Maintenance phase has reached its maturity and no longer has active development. Technical support and integration requests are available for software in the Maintenance phase. However, product enhancement requests, customization requests, and third-party platform support are not available. Maintenance software does not provide new versions or new features.


Software in the Sunset phase provides no new versions or features nor does it support requests for product enhancements, customizations or integrations. Sunset software provides no new platform support and has limited technical support.

Cartegraph always contacts customers when the stage of their software changes. When a product goes into Maintenance or Sunset phases, those currently using that software will be informed and provided additional information.

Life cycle New Versions New Features Third-Party Platform Support Integration Requests Product Enhancement Requests Product Change Requests Tech-nical Support
Active Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes
Maintenance No No No Yes No No Yes
Sunset No No No No No No Limited

Products in the Maintenance Phase

  • Cartegraph 8–a.k.a. Navigator
  • MOBILEconnect
  • GeodataConnect
  • GISdirector
  • MAPdirector
  • Navigator Dashboards
  • YourGov (scheduled for sunset August 31, 2020)

Products in the Sunset Phase

  • Airport SMS
  • CDR
  • Request Partner
  • Reserve Partner