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Cartegraph Support Options: Standard vs. Priority

Learn about Cartegraph's Standard and Priority support options.

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A Look Into Differences Between Standard and Priority Support Options

As you start thinking about your Cartegraph Support options, it’s nice to have some guidance because deciding which support type to choose can be tough. There are many options to consider when making the choice, and undoubtedly you and your organization’s resources and experience will factor into the equation.  To help guide you on the path we have provided some of the main points you will want to understand when deciding the best support option for you.

Standard Support

To start out, we have our world famous standard support (with all the comforts of that delicious meatloaf Mom used to make), which is provided with your active maintenance contract.

  • Unlimited technical support contact. That means no matter how many questions you may have we are available by phone, email, and chat to help you out.
  • You will also have immediate access to new releases of the software and any patches or hot fixes that have been released. 
  • Unlimited access to Campus which provides an abundance of technical documents, upgrade guides, quick helpful how-to videos, and access to our online training sessions on varying topics.

Priority Support

I know that standard support is sounding pretty sweet, but just wait until you get a taste of priority support. With priority support, you will have nothing but the best.  You will get all the great features of standard support and then some.

  • When you call support, your calls are directed to our most experienced staff to provide you with the highest level of assistance.
  • You will also gain access to expedited solutions and call backs for any problems that may arise.
  • Even if you are a tech-savvy do-it-yourselfer, we all know that upgrades can be stressful.
  • With priority support you will have access to the most qualified support staff to help oversee your upgrade.
  • Priority support also provides you with advanced report assistance for those tough to configure reports.  We will help enhance your report to present the most important information in a format that meets your needs.

We hope these points will make your support decision easier. Everyone knows that life is full of choices, but be assured that no matter your choice you will always have a helpful support specialist on the other end pointing you in the right direction.

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