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Updates and Enhancements: Cartegraph AMS Fall 2018

Get ready: the Cartegraph Fall 2018 release is here and about to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your day. Addressing 23 user ideas, these updates and enhancements are all about simplifying system maintenance, tracking your key performance indicators (KPIs), and improving your overall Cartegraph experience.

# Set System Access

Racking up 160 Ideas Portal votes, this is going to be your admin’s favorite new enhancement. Need everyone out of Cartegraph for system maintenance? Quickly see who’s signed in, send those users a customized notification message, and lock the system for maintenance. All users will be automatically signed out in less than a minute.

  • New Set System Access command was added to GIS Integration.
  • Ability to send a message through the system to all signed in users (browser and mobile) notifying them when the system will be locked.
  • An administrator can see which users are signed into the system and quickly send emails to provide another warning just before locking.
  • Once the system is set as Locked for Maintenance, all users are automatically signed out within 60 seconds.
  • GIS Integration can be viewed without locking.
  • The User Administration screen now has a Signed In the column which shows who is signed into the system and how—browser, Cartegraph for iPad, or Cartegraph One.

Dig this new feature? Then you'll want to thank the man that started it all: Holt Hopkins with Anderson County, SC. Great idea, Holt!

# Analytics Dashboard

Just when you thought the Analytics Dashboard couldn’t get any better, we go and add three new gadgets. Keep tabs on key digits, track progress toward a goal, and see who’s creating records with our latest number, KPI, and new records gadgets. We’ve also added the ability to resize gadgets and group by a field in lists—helping you further customize your experience.

# Number gadget type

  • New gadget type of Number displays data represented as a number.
  • Allows for a quick and easy way to view data.
  • Aggregate by one field with different ways to measure.

# KPI gadget type

  • New gadget type of KPI allows setting a target goal as a number or percent.
  • Quickly see if results are above, below, or meeting the goal.

# New Records gadget

  • New default gadget displaying top-level records created in the system based on date and record type.
  • Easily see who is creating records in the system—and when. 

# Group by in List gadget

  • Select a field to group by in a list gadget.
  • Allows for switching between filters without editing the gadget or creating new ones. 

# Resize gadgets

  • Select from different size options per gadget.
  • Allows for better organization of the dashboard to efficiently maximize screen real estate.

# Refresh the dashboard

  • New Refresh all Gadgets button on the Dashboard screen.
  • Quickly refresh all gadgets at once for up-to-date data.

User Interface and Performance Improvements

  • Updated font throughout the system for a more modern look and feel.

Cartegraph Campus Updates

  • Enhanced user experience with a fresh look and feel.
  • Improved search results getting you what you need right from the start.
  • Now supported on mobile devices.
  • Better content organization to easily find similar topics.


  • Added support for iOS 12 for Cartegraph One
  • Added support for Android 9.0 Pie for Cartegraph One


# Customer Requested Feature

* Requires advanced functionality purchase

+ Requires an ArcGIS Named User License

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