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Updates and Enhancements: Cartegraph Fall 2020

Move over, pumpkin spice lattes. There's a new autumn trend sweeping the nation: the Cartegraph Fall 2020 release! From floor plan lines and reporting upgrades to the next evolution of our 811 integration, we're excited to kick off sweater season with some nutmeg-free updates.

Building and Floor Management

If you've ever been lost in an IKEA, you know the value of a good floor plan. That's why we've added floor plan lines and a few selector upgrades to Cartegraph—so you can better visualize and manage all your indoor infrastructure assets.

  • View floor plan lines on your asset maps.
  • Floor plan lines display on Container Component screens and when creating or editing asset locations.
  • Floor Plan Lines are ready to use with system-standard Facility and Treatment Plant Floor asset types, along with any custom Floor asset type.
  • Use a GIS Association to sync all desired Floor Plan Lines into Cartegraph.
  • For assets that are components to floors, the building and floor shapes display in the Detail map to provide context to an asset's location.
  • With the addition of the Building and Floor selectors to the Container Component tab, you can filter the map and list by selecting a specific floor.


With the latest report writer upgrade, it's easier than ever to view, edit, and build reports in Cartegraph. To celebrate, we even went ahead and built three new reports just for you.

  • The Advanced Designer includes the following enhancements:
    • Organize your data more effectively by setting different column counts per table in a report container.
    • Easily copy your charts as cross tabs or cross tabs as charts to quickly visualize your data how you want.
    • Build a relationship on the fly by filtering your sub-elements to view data that is not directly related, such as showing resource usage for an asset.
    • A find and replace feature helps you quickly edit your reports.
  • Two new Scenario Builder reports help you compare the impact different scenarios have on your assets: Scenario Comparison Beginning OCI Report and Scenario Comparison Ending OCI Report
  • A new Estimated vs Actual Report provides task resource estimates and actuals grouped by activity for each asset type.

811 Integration

Buried in utility locates? Our 811 integration is better than ever. We've added support for additional state-specific workflows and requirements—and we've streamlined deployment. Dig it!

  • Tasks are automatically created in Cartegraph when an 811 ticket is received in the 811 system.
  • The integration is configured per state to effectively record the required information.
  • Cartegraph sends a positive response to the 811 system when the work has been completed, based on the state's requirements.

Cartegraph Engage 

Last release, we made the inevitable "Cartegraph Engage is now even more...engaging" joke, so we're officially out of ideas. Should we just use the same joke again? Probably not, right? Anyway, here are a few updates on our brand new analytics capabilities.

  • More analytics! Now you can track specific actions users are adopting in addition to page views.
  • Test your guides more effectively with the new Clear Guide Data feature.
  • Two new guide button actions:
    • The snooze option allows a user to dismiss a guide and have it appear at a later time.
    • Go to Step will advance the guide to a specific step which can be helpful in creating multiple workflows in a single guide.

Fall 2020 Service Pack

  • Scenario Builder now provides deferred cost information, so you can prioritize work on the assets at risk of moving into more expensive activities.
  • Save time when using Exchange Asset now that the location fields automatically update for each asset involved.
  • Enhancements to Buildings, Floors, and Floor Plan Lines: 
    • Navigate more easily between screens with Building and Floor selector persistence.
    • In the Components tab, the tree view filters based on the building and floor selected—and Floor Plan Lines display in the Edit Connections screen.
    • Easily see where assets are located thanks to improved drawing and ordering on the map.


Some of these features may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have a feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at