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Cartegraph Campus

Updates and Enhancements: Cartegraph Spring 2021

Take a seat, easy button. There's a simpler way for high-performance teams to level up operations: the Cartegraph Spring 2021 release. From user-friendly Cartegraph One updates to filter enhancements for space and property portfolio management, we're excited to share a bunch of new features to help your crews work more effectively, efficiently, and productively.

Cartegraph One Mobile App Updates

  • Use the new Address and Record Search to locate assets, requests, and tasks on your Home screen map.
  • Quickly navigate to associated requests and assets from a task or asset screen.
  • Easily change the asset that is associated with a task or linked to another asset.
  • Streamline your workflows with these design updates:
    • When entering resources on a task, our new easier-to-use and space-saving UI lets you select the resource type from a list and the date from a calendar view.
    • Tap the new menu on record cards and layers to select an action.

Navigate to an OMS page through a shared link

  • After clicking a link to an OMS page, simply sign in and you'll be directed to that page.
  • Easily share OMS pages including list and detail screens, reports, and logs.
  • If your session times out, you'll return to the last screen you were on after signing in.
  • Bookmark your favorite pages and after signing in, you're there!

Filter Enhancements in Space Management, Property Portfolio, and Safety & Security

  • Improve your search and filter results and KPI cards using our enhanced filtering options.
  • When filtering records by a date field: filter by date ranges that may not exist in records, find records that are missing dates, or choose a date to search on, after, before, from, or through.
  • Build filters for number fields by entering a from/to range including numbers outside your existing data, add decimals, find records with no values, or use common operators such as greater than, less than, or equal to.
  • Select all values or no value when building filters with lookup checklists, including values not in your current data.

Additional Updates

  • We cleaned up the OMS profile menu. You can access Campus, the Ideas portal, and Contact Support in the Resource Center.
  • Have more control over when GIS-associated assets are retired in OMS.
  • Increased usability was our goal when we redesigned the Home screen in Space Management, Property Portfolio, and Safety & Security. The new layout makes it easier to find what you need with details like application and link descriptions.

Some of these features may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have a feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at