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Updates and Enhancements: Cartegraph AMS Summer 2018

# Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard has become a key tool for our users to show the power of their operational data and help make data-driven decisions. With this release, we have added an additional option to visualize data as well as incorporating additional enhancements driven by customer feedback.

# List gadget

  • New gadget type of List displays data in a list layout.
  • Add filters to limit the data displayed.
  • Customize the layout by adjusting column widths and adding or removing columns.
  • The record count displays in the bottom right.

# Enhanced gadget color palette

  • Different color schemes are available to select from, to view the differences in the data more easily.
  • Choose the desired color scheme on Pie Charts or when using multiple groupings on Bar and Column Charts.

# View All within gadget drill down

  • When viewing the data in the gadget drill down, an All option is now available.
  • Select All to view all results for a particular grouping.

# Increased System Actions

Most list views in the system allow selections to be made and Actions performed on the selected records. We have increased the selection limit to 2,500 records and added this increase to a couple of actions.

# Create Tasks

  • The Create Task action can be performed on up to 2,500 records at one time.
  • If more than 500 records are selected, a warning message displays confirming you wish to proceed with the action of bulk creating tasks.
  • During the create task process, the wait spinner displays a % saved amount to inform you of the progress.

+# Spatial Analysis

  • Using Spatial Analysis to select asset records in the list view now allows up to 2,500 records to be selected at one time.
  • Once these records are selected, the Create Task action can be used to create multiple tasks.

# Library Search

The Library Manager may contain a large amount of data which needs to be accessed quickly. This release includes a way to search library records in Library Manager and filter the list.

  • Search for records within a selected Library by typing a search term in the new Find a Library Record field.
  • All text fields in the selected library are searched.
  • The list will only show records that match the search.
  • There is the ability to clear out a search.

User Interface and Performance Improvements

  • Updated List view icons for no location specified, record summary, record detail, and enter resources. 
  • Performance increases with map and list selections, some bulk actions, viewing, and creating records.


  • Added support for Esri ArcGIS Server 10.6.1
  • Added support for iOS 11.4.1 for Cartegraph for iPad and Cartegraph One
  • Added support for Apple iPhone X with Cartegraph One
  • Dropped support for Android 4.4 (KitKat)


* Requires advanced functionality purchase

+ Requires an ArcGIS Named User License

# Customer Requested Feature

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