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Facility Domain Upgrade Notes for the Summer 2021 Release

If you use the Facility domain assets and upgrade to the Summer 2021 release please note these changes to your data.

New Asset Types

If you have access to the Facility domain, after upgrading to install the 17 new assets reach out to Tech Support.

Existing Asset Types

Five existing assets have been renamed:

  • Facility Lighting → Facility Electrical
  • Electrical Generators → Site Electrical Utilities
  • Roofing Systems → Roofing
  • Plumbing Fixtures → Plumbing
  • HVAC Equipment → HVAC

After upgrading the recordset names are not changed, however the Cartegraph Default Detail view will be updated.  For example, 


Custom views are not updated, and the asset type in the group header continues to display with the former asset name. For example Facility Lighting instead of Facility Electrical.

New Structure

Assessments is a new shared library with the release that behaves like a child recordset for each of the Facility asset types. It uses the new names for the renamed assets, including existing customers. It is recommended that customers using Assessments should rename their Facility Lighting recordset to Facility Electrical manually, to follow the Uniformat standard. This will be the case for all of the renamed assets. The Assessments library will have a column named Facility Electrical ID that points to the Facility Lighting recordset.