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Cartegraph Campus

Updates and Enhancements: Cartegraph Summer 2021

The Cartegraph Summer 2021 release takes facilities management to the next level. From Cartegraph One and Indirect Cost Recovery updates to new Facility domain assets and assessment support, we're excited to share more tools to help you build a high-performance operation.

Cartegraph One Updates

With Cartegraph One, you can work from anywhere—outdoors and indoors. Let's explore a few of our recent mobile app updates.

  • Display floor plan lines, if available, on home, asset detail, and task detail screens. This feature helps you visualize the location of records inside your facilities.
  • Find and select a record on your map by tapping the proximity value on a card.
  • Easily create component assets with the container/component relationship set automatically.

Facility Assets and Assessments

We're expanding our Facility domain to help you manage local government, higher education, and commercial campuses of all sizes.

  • Manage offices, conference rooms, common areas, and more with the new Spaces asset type—a great addition to our Building and Floor model.
  • We've also added 16 new asset types to align with Uniformat II standards, including Foundations, Superstructures, Exterior Enclosures, and Stairs.
  • Import and view Facility Condition Assessments to support partner-led data collection and analysis.

Indirect Cost Recovery Allocations

Want to answer questions like, "How many places is one or more budget code used?" or "How many allocations are related to a principal investigator?" Meet the new Indirect Cost Recovery Allocations feature.

  • In Space Manager, you can now see all your department allocations at once, rather than one space at a time.
  • Share and report on all department allocations.
  • Use Search and Filter view to drill into allocation details, build and save allocation filters, and create KPI cards.

Summer 2021 OMS Service Pack

  • Admins can now sign in as another user to help troubleshoot questions from their users, and view layouts and filters they are building for their users.
  • In User Administration, select the user to sign in as, and select the Action.
  • Any data edits are tracked as "Username" signed in as "Username" to preserve audit trails.

Some of these features may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have a feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at