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Updates and Enhancements: Cartegraph Winter 2020

New year, new Cartegraph functionality. In celebration of the Roaring Twenty-Twenties, we've been working hard on software enhancements that will up your high-performance government game. From Scenario Builder self-awareness and streamlined playground equipment inspections to new water and wastewater treatment plant domains, explore the Cartegraph Winter 2020 release highlights below. 

# Scenario Builder Accounts for Open Work

This release, Cartegraph is becoming self-aware (not in a scary Skynet way). From this point forward, Scenario Builder projections will take into account any work you already have planned or in progress. The result? Tighter forecasts, better budgets, and simple, straightforward work planning. 

  • The scenario looks at planned and in-progress work already in the system and takes into account any impacts before suggesting additional work.
  • Visualize the planned and in-progress work on the Scenario Builder map.
  • Prevent duplicate work and potential conflicts by using this optional feature, which is turned on by default, when creating any scenario.

# Introduction of Treatment Plant Domains for Wastewater and Water

From drinking and cooking to cleaning, water is essential to daily life. A lot is resting on the shoulders of your water distribution and treatment teams, which is why we've created two new domains to help keep everything flowing: Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant. H2-Whoa. 

  • Effectively track treatment plant processes with standard asset structure including container/component hierarchy. 
  • Track historical work and inspections on all treatment plant asset types to see where you are spending money and effort in maintaining these assets. Let the system use this data to help you be proactive with these assets and plan ahead, instead of reactive.
  • The Wastewater Treatment Plant domain contains 16 new asset types and the Water Treatment Plant domain contains 14.
  • Take advantage of a new dashboard gadget template that can easily be duplicated for any asset type to track how proactive your work is.
  • Review pre-built summary reports for all of the new assets.

# ArcGIS Pro Add-In

What are you waiting for? With Cartegraph Winter 2020 and Esri ArcGIS Pro: nothing. Starting today, any edits you make in ArcGIS Pro will instantly display in Cartegraph. So, say goodbye to waiting for nightly syncs and say hello to real-time data, increased accuracy, faster response times, and improved visibility. 

  • Using ArcGIS Pro to manage your GIS data helps you stay up to date with Esri's technology.
  • With this Cartegraph release, receive real-time updates in Cartegraph from edits made in ArcGIS Pro.
  • The Cartegraph Add-In for ArcGIS Pro works with data edited from feature service connections and geodatabase connections.
  • The Add-In can be installed on any workstation where ArcGIS Pro is installed.

Playground Equipment Inspections

Regular park inspections keep kiddos safe. Streamline your Daily Dozen checks with Cartegraph's new playground equipment inspections. Built on industry best practices, the customizable template will help you efficiently and effectively document tripping hazards, debris, chipping paint, missing components, drainage, and more. 

  • Efficiently record detailed inspections for playground equipment assets using the multiple advanced Condition Categories and Condition Details available with this release.
  • Document routine checks performed on these assets by adding the new system Task fields to an activity-based layout.
  • The new fields and suggested layout are based on best practices from the CPSC Handbook and ASTM Standards F1487, F2223 and F1292.
  • Review playground equipment conditions with the Condition Assessment report already built for you.

Additional Updates

  • Track Meter Readings and usage for the following system standard pumps in Cartegraph: Sewer, Flood Protection, Storm, Water, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Water Treatment Plant. With these in place, easily set up usage-based preventative maintenance plans to help prevent pump failure.  
  • In the Scenario Builder map, when creating a project, all selected records are added to the new project.
  • When syncing GIS domains to Cartegraph libraries, the sync now ignores records that are marked inactive in Cartegraph, allowing you to maintain historical data that is no longer being used.
  • Updates to Pavement Inspection Samples:
    • When importing Pavement Samples from collected data, Cartegraph now recognizes custom values for length and width.
    • Since pavement samples can now be custom sizes, Cartegraph will use a weighted average based on the area of the sample to determine the Index.

Platform Updates

  • Dropping support of Windows 7
  • Dropping support of Internet Explorer 11


# Customer Requested Feature

+ Requires an ArcGIS Named User License

Some of these features may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have a feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at