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Cartegraph Campus

Cartegraph OMS Technical Specifications for Hosted Deployments: Winter 2021

Customer PC Recommendations 

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10

Supported Web Browsers

  • Edge (latest version)
  • Chrome (latest version)


  • Minimum screen resolution: 1280 x 768

Map Support 

  • Esri basemap
  • Web map support is available with an ArcGIS identity
    • ArcGIS Server for Windows + Web Adaptor
    • ArcGIS Online


  • Internet connection required
  • Bandwidth Minimum: 3G

Email Spam Filter

  • Whitelist domain to receive email notifications in a timely manner.
  • Recommend no rate limit for the domain above.

GIS Integration Support 

  • Esri ArcGIS Online
  • On-Premise GIS
    • Esri ArcGIS Server for Windows
    • Esri Arc GIS Portal for Windows (federated with ArcGIS Server)
    • Requirements:
      • Version 10.4.1 to 10.8

Esri is scheduled to end support for version 10.4.1 on February 1, 2022.

  • ArcGIS Pro 2.4 to 2.6
  • TLS 1.2
  • SHA256+ SSL certifications
  • Web Adaptor for hosted deployments (applies to ArcGIS Server and Portal only)
  • Standard or Advanced version (applies to ArcGIS Server and Portal only)
  • Only unsecured or GIS-tier authentication (applies to ArcGIS Server and Portal only)
  • Cartegraph add-in for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro (recommended)
  • Cartegraph SOE for ArcGIS Server (recommended)

Cartegraph One 

  • iOS 13+ to iOS 14
  • Android 7.0 to 11.0
  • Devices set up with cellular and internet connectivity
  • Active iTunes account (iOS) or Play Store account (Android) for the initial download and updates
  • GPS-enabled device is recommended

Cartegraph for iPad

  • iOS 13+ to iOS 14
  • Setup with internet connectivity
  • Active GPS is recommended
  • Active iTunes account for the initial download and updates


  • iPad mini 2 or later
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air or later