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Cartegraph Campus

Structure Changes: Cartegraph Fall 2020 to Winter 2021



  • Overall Rating Libraries (All Assets / Equipment), removed read-only setting
  • Removed Read-only setting from following Pavement/Pavement Area Libraries:
    • Pavement Classifications / Pavement Corrected Deduct Values
    • Pavement Detailed Distresses
    • Pavement Detailed Distresses / Pave Deduct Points
  • Pavement Detailed Distresses related to support for ASTM D6433-20
    • Distress name change
      • Asphalt Raveling to Asphalt Raveling -Dense Mix Asphalt
      • Asphalt Weathering -Surface Wear to Asphalt Weathering-Surface Wear -Dense Mix Asphalt
    • How To measure changes
      • Distress: Asphalt Bumps and Sags: Bumps or sags are measured in linear meters (feet). If the bump occurs in combination with a crack, the crack also is recorded. Bumps and sags should only be counted if traffic is likely to cross over them.
      • Distress: Asphalt Rutting: Rutting is measured in square meters (square feet) of surface area, and its severity is determined by the mean depth of the rut. The mean rut depth is calculated by laying a straight edge across the rut, measuring its depth, then using measurements taken along the length of the rut to compute its mean depth in millimeters. The rut width should be measured from where the pavement surface departs from the straightedge.


Added System setting to the following fields:

  • Bridges:                Length
  • Fences:                  Length
  • Guardrails:            Length
  • Markings:             Length
  • Parks:                    Acreage
  • Pavement:            Area
  • Pavement Area:    Area
  • Sidewalks:             Length
  • Storm Basins:        Area
  • Storm Channels:   Length