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Updates and Enhancements: Cartegraph Winter 2021

Ready to put the win back in winter? From Cartegraph for Zapier and the Explorer Selection tool to configurable overall ratings and new Cartegraph One features, the Winter 2021 release gives you tons of ways to score big this year and beyond.

Cartegraph One Mobile App Updates

County roads, open fields, basements, and tunnels. When we say you can work from anywhere, we mean anywhere. Let's take a quick look at all the updates we've made to Cartegraph One in the last few months:

  • Add attachments directly to an inspection record.
  • Create and edit records offline—and view them on your map.
  • View and enter data more easily with landscape mode on tablets and external keyboard support.
  • Specify the location of any task by editing the shape to be a point, line, or polygon.
  • Give your eyes a rest with redesigned read-only fields.

Cartegraph for Zapier

Unlock automations in a snap with Cartegraph for Zapier. It's almost like having superpowers.

  • Connect Cartegraph with the systems you use every day—no webhook coding required.
  • Create and update records in OMS and other apps. For example, you could:
    • Add Cartegraph tasks to Outlook or Google calendars.
    • Send notifications to those without a Cartegraph account.
    • Create Non-Asset Tasks from ArcGIS Survey123.

Configurable Overall Ratings

With our latest release, you can set your own overall ratings terminology and index ranges. Shout out to Linn Weng from Salt Lake City for creating this idea! 

  • Configure the overall ratings library for each asset type to specify how the condition should be described.
  • Review default ratings and, if necessary, change the name and/or minimum index value.

Overview Header Persistence

Success is all about persistence, so we went ahead and updated the overview header.

  • On detail screens, the overview header remains in its preferred state. Collapsed headers stay collapsed, expanded headers stay expanded.
  • This helps you focus on the information you need without any additional scrolls or clicks.

Explorer Selection Tool

The Explorer Selection tool makes it easier for Space Management, Property Portfolio, and Safety and Security customers to manage their facilities.

  • Select multiple indoor and outdoor records on your map to perform actions on.
  • Save selections to review later and identify what you need for a project.
  • Export the details of selected records to Excel or other custom external analysis tools.

Property Portfolio Enhancement

We've updated our Property Portfolio solution to improve usability and boost efficiency.

  • Add properties to a scenario straight from details view.
  • Select a property in the map and click Add Property, so you can focus on the area you're analyzing.

Cartegraph Engage Updates

Cartegraph Engage analytics tools are bigger and better than ever!

  • Track usage analytics for the Cartegraph One app. For example, you can now see page views and the specific actions users are performing on their mobile devices.
  • Access more video providers when you're designing guides.
  • Build segments and track usage with additional fields.
  • Activate guides based on field values on a screen.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • OMS now uses ASTM D6433-20 for Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Surveys.
  • Added support of iOS 14 and Mac OS 11 in Space Manager, Property Portfolio, and Safety and Security solutions.

Winter 2021 Service Pack Items

  • Change the shape of any asset task or non-asset task to a point, line, or polygon to clearly define the location of a task.
  • Improve decision making now that more assets have estimated conditions. An Inspection date will be used when calculating the Estimated OCI if there is no Install or Replace date.
  • Overview headers can be removed from individual layouts to keep you focused on what is important to you.
  • Dashboard Gadget updates:
    • Start bar and column gadgets at zero for consistent data views. This is an optional setting.
    • Build filters based on Parent-level record information.
    • Display and compare Scenario Builder results.
    • Enhanced sorting and grouping.
  • For Asset Manager, adjust the maximum number of asset records on the map through the Custom Configuration Assistant.

Some of these features may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have a feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at