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Material Quantity on Hand per Location Report

You must have a Cartegraph OMS advanced feature extension to access this feature.

This report shows where all of a given material resides and the value at each location. So material Widgets:

QTY 200 exist @ the Central Warehouse value $400

QTY 50 exist @ the Truck 1 value $100

QTY 25 exist @ the Truck 2 value $75

Overall QOH = 275

Overall Value = $575

Use this report to figure out where all materials are located. You may need to transfer some materials to another warehouse. Where should the materials be transferred them from?

The report includes:

  • Material ID
  • Description
  • Location
  • Quantity on Hand
  • Value
  • Total Quantity on Hand
  • Total Value

Run this report from either the Detail or List view to display selected information. From the Report view, the report displays the detail for all Material records.


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