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Cartegraph Reports Upgrades for Spring 2018

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at 

  1. Less time for the Advanced Report Designer to load.
  2. All structure trimmed out from the Report Designer for performance reasons was added back in. This was mainly asset lookup information. The most common areas that had the trimmed data was in Tasks, but it was also trimmed when creating asset reports. You only had access to parent level data and could not drill into additional data through lookups or shares.
    • Task Example: If I was creating a Task report for all Sign related Tasks, I could get the MUTCD Code from the Sign record (parent field), but I couldn't get to the MUTCD Code description field (lookup to the MUTCD Code Library).
    • Asset Example: If I was trying to create a Facility Container/Component Report, I could get parent level fields for components, but I couldn't get the Task information when starting my report at the Container Level [Facility - HVAC Equipment - Tasks]. I would need to create separate tables of date [Facility] and [HVAC Equipment - Tasks] where Facility ID = that of my Container). 
  3. The Stop Report button  was removed from the Cartegraph section of the report viewer because the Report Designer now has a .
  1. The Pagebreak condition was reworked.
  2. SRT Reports (Single Records per Page) now have the ability for Sort Order instead of random order.
  3. SRT Reports load time out issue was fixed.
  4. Additional Chart functionality:
    • Improved chart sorting options. Previously, you could only sort charts based on a text string such as "Department". Now, you can sort based on a result such as "Total Cost per Department in Descending order"
    • Limit the results returned. You can specify that you want only the Top 10 results returned instead of having everything returned. This is useful with high number of items such as activities.
    • More control for Symbols and Linetypes.
    • Crosstab Chart improvements:
      • Reduced Memory footprint
      • Editable in the workspace with a new context ribbon.
      • Multiple result cells
      • Cross-row and column references
      • Automatic fill-up
      • Top-N
      • Expandable regions
    • New Chart Types
      • Radar
      • Treemap
  5. Report Viewer supports changing the current page with a mouse scrolling.
  6. Reports updated:
    • Scenario Summary: Line spacing on Data Lines changed from 0pt to 1pt so dangling letters display.
    • Cost and OCI Per Plan Year: Reformatted so chart would display correctly. Updated the chart so legend displays at the bottom, secondary axis for OCI and symbol and linetype changes.
    • Request Detail: Added pagebreak condition so records wouldn't bleed together.
    • Task Performance Measures: Updated the Cost per Department chart to take advantage of the sorting option of Results so the chart is sorted from highest cost to lowest cost instead of by Department (alphabetic).
  7. The Advanced Web Designer no longer times our after you enter Report Parameters.
  8. Time is now supported in Report Parameters by using the Date and Time Format.
    • For example, Filter = Requests.Entry_Date >@StartDate. This will be interpreted as Entry Date > 6/5/2017 11 am
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