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Equipment Overview Header

The Equipment Overview Header displays overall information for the Equipment record, Fleet information, and costs when the equipment is used as a resource. Click the splitter to show or hide the overview header. Most fields update in real time while editing. Calculated fields update when you save the changes. 

Fields Displayed

  • Avatar (if there is a primary attachment) or standard image  
  • Equipment Classification 
  • Manufacturer 
  • Model 
  • Purchase Date 
  • Vendor Cost
  • Fuel Cost
  • Labor Cost
  • Parts Cost
  • Total Cost
  • Cost Per Mile
  • Current Miles
  • Equipment Usage Cost
  • VRR

Each calculation for the corresponding totals is defined in the next section.

Equipment Fleet Information

  • Vendor Cost: For all of the Tasks against/associated with the equipment; the sum of the Other Cost field of these Tasks
  • Labor Cost: For all of the Tasks against/associated with the equipment; the sum of the Labor Cost field of these Tasks
  • Fuel Cost: Total of all the fuel logs entered for equipment; multiply the Unit Cost and Quantity fields of each fuel log and then tally the results.
  • Parts Cost: For all of the Tasks associated with the equipment; the sum the Material Cost field of these Tasks
  • Total Cost: Sum of vendor cost, labor cost, parts cost, and fuel cost.
  • Cost Per Mile: Calculated cost per mile for the equipment

For more information, see Fuel Log Calculations

  • Current Miles: The current usage or odometer value for the equipment
  • VRR: The calculated vehicle replacement rating

For more information, see About VRR and Vehicle Replacement Rating Calculations.

Equipment Used as Resources Costs

These are typically used in Time sheets.

Equipment Usage Cost: For all of the Equipment logs against the equipment, the sum of the Cost field of these equipment logs.


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