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Set Up Equipment for Fleet Management

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

In the Equipment Classification library for each classification:

  • Select the Vehicle check box
  • The Meter Type field is required for each classification—select miles, hours, or kilometers.
  • Define a VRR Type of Service value
  • This is required for the VRR section to display.

In the Equipment record details:

  • Select an Equipment Classification type
  • Selecting the Equipment type determines the Usage type. This is used in related calculations.
  • The following fields are required to have values in order for the VRR to calculate:
    • Current Usage from a Task or Fuel Log entry.
    • Manufactured Date
    • In Service Date
    • Purchase Cost
    • Tasks or Fuel Log costs

System Settings

All VRR System Settings must have a value and come with defaults. The VRR Calculations will not work if these settings are not populated:

  • VRRAge
  • VRRHours
  • VRRKilometers
  • VRRMandR
  • VRRMiles
  • VRRReliability

Add Usage field to the Task Detail view

The Usage field is required because it is used in the VRR, Usage Cost, and Average Usage calculations.

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