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Resource Distribution Rounding Behavior

  • If a user enters a number that does not divide equally, the system rounds up or down the resources applied to each task, so the total exactly matches the value the user entered.
  • Material Quantities are rounded to 3 decimal places.
  • Hours, Usage, and Costs are rounded to 2 decimal places.


This example shows how Cartegraph checks rounding behavior results to keep data precision. For this example, 1 labor hour is distributed to 6 tasks. 6 tasks are selected, one Labor hour is entered, resulting in 0.17 hours for four tasks and 0.16 hours for two tasks.

Task 1 is assigned

0.17 hours

Task 2 is assigned

0.17 hours

Task 3 is assigned

0.17 hours

Task 4 is assigned

0.17 hours

Task 5 is assigned

0.16 hours

Task 6 is assigned

0.16 hours


1.00 hours


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