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A Better Way to Filter Your Data

You know what I like to do? If your answer was “scrapbooking,” you were wrong. If your answer was “filter municipal operations data,” I would be handing you the stuffed panda off the top shelf right now. 

Yup, there are few pleasures in life that are more gratifying than sifting through mounds of data. What data, you ask? Well, Operations Management data, obviously, but Russian winter wheat harvest data: 1981-1992 and historical traffic pattern data for the Chicago suburbs are a close second. So you can see why it’s a great thing I work for a company that deals directly with Operations Management and provides me with a new and improved tool to filter that awesome data!

Enter Cartegraph OMS guided filters, a really slick way to let me sift through data within my OMS system until my heart breathes a sigh of contentment. With Cartegraph OMS, you’ll get three flavors of filtering:

Basic Guided Filter

NOTE: Querying data is up there on your bucket list with oral surgery and trips to Wal-Mart; let’s get this over with. Cartegraph OMS lets you select what piece of data you want to filter on and the value you want to filter out, all within an easy-to-use user interface. To bring up all my Stop Signs in the City, I can do so with four clicks.


Advanced Guided Filter

You are complex, and your filtering needs are as well. Let me introduce you to OMS’s Advanced Guided filter, still with an easy-to-use UI, but with additional flexibility to create the most demanding filter sets. You tell me you need to know which Stop Signs were inspected between January 1, 2012 and March 25, 2012. Check.


Syntax View

You like T-SQL, filter expressions and programming in FORTRAN 77. We’ve got a mode for you. Fire up Syntax view and you have the full power of the keyboard and your own blazing raw intellect to make Cartegraph OMS dance to your liking


Cartegraph OMS gives you the power to get at the data you need to do your job, and three sets of filter tools to do so. Screenshots left you unsatisfied? Go ahead and give one of our Sales Reps a call. They would much rather hear from you than me asking them how the American Airlines’ Frequent Flyer point system works.

So stay tuned. Being in the field is a cold affair in January, and I plan on staying close to my co-workers UL-certified space heater AND giving you more peeks of OMS in the weeks to come. We’ve got some cool stuff in store and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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