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Inspection Tasks Overview Header

Request, Asset, Resource, and Task IDs are links to those records.

Websites listed are links to the web address.

Click the splitter to show or hide the overview header.

Most fields update in real-time while editing.

Calculated fields update when you Save the changes.

To view the Inspection Task Overview header from the asset’s Detail view, go to the Inspections section, hover over the inspection and click View.

The Inspection OCI is OCI reported from the inspection performed during this Task.The Previous value is the asset’s OCI reported from the most recent previous inspection.

The Difference value is the difference between the Inspection OCI and Previous values. If the difference is positive the OCI improved, if the difference is negative the OCI declined.

Average is the average inspected OCI for all assets of that type with an inspected OCI value. If the asset has not been inspected, that asset is not included in calculating the average.

When the task is an inspection, Inspected by, Inspection date, Inspection Status, OCI, and overall rating displays.

When the task is a sign inspection the overview header displays all the inspection specific fields plus the Ra value.

Pavement Inspection overview headers include the Pavement Classification and Functional Classification.


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