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Cartegraph AMS: Self-Service Guide: Advanced Topics

Learn more about some of the advanced features within the Cartegraph system.

Advanced Filters

Filters allow you to control what displays on your screen. Quick Filters are for simple adjustments; go deeper with Advanced Filters. Here is a great recap on the power of filters. Understanding filter AND OR logic is key to successfully using filters.

Watch this training to learn more about Advanced Filters and creating filters using the syntax view.

Read these help topics for more tips on using filters:

Distribute Resources

In Cartegraph, a task is a single activity on a single asset. When documenting the work you have completed, it often makes sense to individually complete each task and identify the resources used at the time you complete your work. In some cases, however, you are doing a lot of work at once—such as trimming all of the trees on a single street—and you are generally spending the same amount of time and resources for each asset. In those cases, we recommend you utilize the Distribute Resources functionality.

Additional Inspection Functionality

Two asset types have additional inspection functionality available to you.

Sign Inspections

Sign inspection functionality supports retroreflectivity readings. 

Tree Inspections

When completing a Tree inspection, you also have the option to perform an appraisal. 

Special Functions for Import

When importing records into Cartegraph, there are Special Functions available for certain field types. Learn more about these functions.

Asset Relationships

Creating an asset from the web browser provides you with the additional functionality to define asset relationships.  There are two types of asset relationships:  Linked Assets and Container Component Assets.

When the assets you selected where installed by Cartegraph, the applicable asset relationships were also established.  If you are using an asset that has an established relationship with another asset, you can utilize this functionality.

Linked Assets

Learn more about Linked Assets including examples of linked assets and how to create the connection.

Container Component Assets

Learn more about Container Component asset relationships including a Facilities example and Signalized Intersection example.

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