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Cartegraph AMS Self-Service Guide: Cartegraph and Esri Functionality

Cartegraph excels in the areas of preventative maintenance scheduling, asset health information, inspection and work history, work management capabilities, and future maintenance planning. ArcGIS offers advanced analytic capabilities like network analysis, routing, flow analysis, and spatial correlation. When you combine the strengths of the two systems, you will unlock data you had never considered before and make decisions in a whole new way.

By leveraging your ArcGIS Identity in the Cartegraph system, additional functionality is available to you.

Learn more about what you can do with Cartegraph + Esri Functionality.

User Sign In

When you are ready to leverage ArcGIS functionality within Cartegraph, update the user accounts for individuals who have ArcGIS named user licenses.

From your user account, specify your Esri User Name and utilize your ArcGIS Identity to sign in to both Cartegraph and Esri. 


Being able to see the location of your work and assets provides many efficiencies. Esri maps have long been the industry standard for GIS professionals worldwide. They’re all available to every Cartegraph user, giving you access to more data than ever. By leveraging operational layers, users will unlock data on an unprecedented level. Produce web maps in Esri and use them in Cartegraph. Name them to match specific tasks, projects, or organizational standards.

Available Maps

Esri offers default map views to provide you the most pertinent, up-to-date geospatial information possible.

If the defaults aren’t exactly what you are looking for, you can customize your own map view to fit your day-to-day needs. 

Map Tools

The map has many features that assist in the accuracy of tracking your assets and creating conclusions around them.

Learn more about using the map measure tools and selection tools.

Spatial Analysis

Spatial Analysis is another powerful feature that allows you to compare maps layers against each other.

Route Optimization

As a supervisor planning out tasks for your crew, you will benefit from Route Optimization.

This easy-to-use feature is designed to save time and increase efficiency.


As part of the System Configuration portion of your learning path, we talked about Cartegraph and Esri integration related to assets.  Asset integration is a two-way integration between Cartegraph and Esri. Both systems utilize inventory information so no matter which system you are using to update that data, the other system will also receive the update. 

You also have the ability to integrate Task data with Esri.

Cartegraph is the system of record for any work-related data, so the Task integration is a one-way integration from Cartegraph to Esri.

By having your Tasks data available within the ArcGIS platform, you can leverage the power of that platform. Create public-facing web maps to share with your citizens regarding upcoming work. Create operational dashboards to track the progress of work. The possibilities are limitless. Explore the Power of ArcGIS. 

Take the next steps to Integrate Cartegraph and Esri. Go to the GIS Integration section of the Administration session.

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