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Cartegraph Courses: Cartegraph for iPad


The "Cartegraph for iPad" course is designed to highlight the differences of Cartegraph for iPad and the desktop version, and how the iPad fits into your day-to-day workflow. 


The "Cartegraph for iPad" course introduces you to Cartegraph best practices related to the Cartegraph for iPad app, and the supporting features and functions. This course also helps you understand the fundamental differences between Cartegraph for iPad and the Cartegraph desktop version.


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With the "Cartegraph for iPad" course, you receive training on functionality related to:

  • Overall system functionality:
    • Navigation
    • Interface
    • Maps
    • Attachments
    • Sorting
  • Work Management
  • Create and Update Asset and Non-Asset Tasks
  • Assign Tasks
  • Enter Resources
  • Inspections
  • Asset management
  •  Create and update Assets
  • Responding to Requests
  • View Requester information
  • Create Task from a Request
  • Cartegraph recommended best practices for mobile device use

What You Should Know

Attendees should have a basic understanding of Cartegraph capabilities.

What You’ll Learn

  • Cartegraph best practice recommendations
  • How to create assets on the iPad
  • How to complete tasks on the iPad
  • How to assign tasks on the iPad
  • How to create and update requests

Who Should Attend

  • Field workers
  • Supervisors
  • GIS professionals

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