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Why Admin Certification Is a Great Idea

One way your organization can save money on future implementations and professional service agreements with Cartegraph is for an organization representative to earn Cartegraph administration certification. Doing so entitles the organization to receive 5% off future implementation and professional service agreements for one year.

During training, administrators learn the ins and outs, tips, and best practices they need to streamline day-to-day operations and increase the return on the organization's software investment.

The certification comes with additional perks for the individual, too. Certified administrators will receive a certificate and Cartegraph swag.

You can earn—or renew—your certification by taking the training sessions and testing on your own time at Cartegraph's national conference. This gives you time to study and ask questions during the rest of the conference before testing your knowledge. The training is hands-on and covers everything in the Administration section of the software, including the following:

  • User Administration and Role Administration: Creating users and roles and setting permissions for them.
  • Asset Builder: Creating an asset type that is not standard Cartegraph issue.
  • Structure Manager: Creating and editing recordsets and managing container–component asset relationships.
  • Layout Manager: Designing screens, grids, and lookups for parent-level recordsets, child-level recordsets, and libraries. 
  • Library Manager: Adding, editing, and deleting records in existing libraries. Using filters to search libraries.
  • Import/Export: Importing data from other applications or exporting data from Cartegraph. 
  • Geocode Settings: Using an Esri locator service for custom geolocation service specific to your community.
  • Automation Manager: Increasing your understanding of Automation Manager and finding more time in your day by automating repeatable functions. Using automations for customizable notifications, data validation, field calculations, automated workflows, and scheduled workflows.
  • Asset Condition Manager: Creating, updating, deleting, duplicating, and maintaining prediction groups, condition groups, and condition categories, which are required to calculate asset estimated conditions.
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans: Prolonging the service life of assets by setting conditional and/or chronological triggers that, when activated, automatically create the necessary follow-up tasks.
  • Scenario Builder: Setting up, running, and adjusting scenarios to meet identified outcomes such as defined budget limitations or targeting the network overall condition index.

The training will also cover a few things outside the Administration section, such as inspections and reports.

If becoming certified once wasn't enough for you, you can also renew your certification at the conference! Cartecon 2020 will be held September 14-18, 2020, in Arlington, Texas.