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Enter Resources

  1. In the Navigation bar click iTimeSheetEnterResources_sm.png.
  2. Hover on the desired task and click Enter Resources.
  3. Select the date needed.
OPTIONAL: In the Labor, Equipment, or Materials section, select the resource .
OPTIONAL: If the organization is using the Advanced Resources extension, then Material Location is required when entering the stocked Material. Click Add after the location is selected.
OPTIONAL: In the Other section, click Add.
OPTIONAL: In the Labor section click Add Assignments.
OPTIONAL: In the Labor, Equipment, or Materials section, click Add Previous. For material a new detail line will be added for each unique material/location.
  1. Enter the details
OPTIONAL: Create multiple resource entries with the same Task ID for different rates, hours, material location or usages.
  1. Click Save Changes.
OPTIONAL: Click Undo Changes to clear any changes made after saving.
OPTIONAL: Click View Task List to select another Task for resource entry.
  1. Click Close.
The changes are saved to the corresponding Resource log. Task and Work Order costs calculate.


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