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Time Sheet Best Practice

Time sheets are the central location for entering Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other resource data for each Task performed.  By entering data on time sheets the resource information is updated throughout the Resource logs in Cartegraph.  Costs from the Resources calculate and display on the Tasks, and associated Work Orders.

Real-time resource entry for tasks provides the foundation of an organization’s information. Tasks provide the ability to take the pulse of your organization. Quality analysis and assessment to make the best planning and budgeting decisions for your organization.

The time sheet in the central location used for all resource entry to make the process more efficient and effective. Resource entry for tasks provides the foundation of your organization’s data to be analyzed to help with planning, budgeting, etc…

The Task and Asset relationship is the foundation of data gathering, begins with tasks to get the most value out of the system, this leads to more accurate cost information, Tasks has a finite time span, as work is done resources are entered so data is always up-to-date. This allows itself to resource scheduling as well.


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