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About Labor Assignments

Quickly filter tasks with assigned labor assignments to follow through with the appropriate people or make assignment changes.

Assigned Labor is a collapsible section at the bottom of the Task tab’s layer panel.

The three filter options are:

  • All displays any task with at least one labor assignment.
  • None displays tasks without labor assignments.
  • Custom displays tasks assigned to selected labor records, usually yourself or for a supervisor to select members of a group or crew.
  • There must be at least one task layer for this feature to activate.
  • The Custom option expands the Assigned Labor section to add, select, and remove laborers.
  • Select or clear the laborer’s check box to include or exclude the laborer.
  • The Assignment Queue works as an OR filter.
  • The photo associated to the Assigned Labor is the photo in the user account record or primary attachment.
  • The labor record must be associated to a User Account.
  • Assignments are stored in the child recordset to the Tasks recordset.


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